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Nola Aronson
Owner, Advanced Audiology 

GrowthCLUB was extremely helpful as it allowed me to see how my long-term goals and vision could be achieved by identifying short-term goals and activities that I could accomplish in that quarter.  It helped me realize that I did not have to tackle it all at once, but every step I took was progress toward my end goal.  This kept me moving forward and from being overwhelmed.”
- Jon Gardner, Owner, JSG Insurance  

I received quite a number of great takeaways that I’m looking forward to trying out in my workplace, particularly initiating a SWOT analysis for our firm, as well as documenting goals firm wide and for myself.”
-Michelle Simmonds, Human Resource Manager, Daniels, Fine, Israel, Schonbuch & Lebovits, LLP

The structured 90-day plan documentation helped me see the long game over time in visual blocks. I got so much out of the interaction with other business owners and the coaches’ guidance.” - Anna Lobker, Owner, Branded Translations 

Practical, tactical, and compassionate approach to critical short and long-term planning for business success.”
- Julie Shelton, Owner, The Alexander Technique of Valencia

Having a buddy system to help nudge each participant to be accountable for their goals is so helpful.- Ron Mendoza, Owner, New Day Financial 

Virginia Hart
Owner, ART Risk Financial Solutions

Paul defines goals and guides those who work with him to achieve those goals; not only for your business, but as an individual. He places himself first and foremost as a mentor and team builder. Paul guides you in a way to think differently and develop solutions to challenging situations. For those who have had the privilege to work with Paul, the results of his mentoring are undeniable.” - Brad Naylor, President, Chenega Global Protection, LLC

Lisa taught me how to increase my aptitude and knowledge for working in and with Non-Profit Organizations (NPO), including how to work on a board and on a committee to help push amazing organizations to become even greater. She truly exemplifies what it means to be a humble and consummate professional that hustles hard for the people she works with.” - Mr. “DC” White, Jr. Vice Commandant, Marine Core League Detachment 1347

Paul is the definition of a leader, mentor, and coach. He consistently set clear guidelines for the organization, while establishing a culture of respect, accountability, and teamwork. His coaching and mentoring was always timely, specific, and actionable. These actions pushed myself and other members leadership team to strive for a level of excellence, and helped our organization continue to grow.”
- Allison Robertson, VP, Business Services, Chenega Security

Lisa is a rare combination of great academic and conceptual intellect and deep insight and sensitivity to others' thoughts and feelings. Her educational background gives her depth of knowledge of business protocols and theory which makes her a trusted consultant. Her ability to listen and understand people is what makes her an invaluable business partner, facilitator and coach. Plus, what is too rare today, she has tremendous integrity and is committed to doing the right thing. She's smart, perceptive, trustworthy and nice!” - Cynthia Bengston, Executive Consultant, Leadership Pasadena

Paul is one of the most talented and forward-thinking leaders I have ever had the privilege to work for. I can attribute a great deal of my success over the past 24 years to his incredible skill as a coach and mentor. If you are looking for someone to teach you how to grow and lead any type of organization, you won’t find better than Paul!” - Terry Nihart, Senior Director, Business Development, Chenega Corporations 

As I look back, there are many great things that I say about Lisa, but three things stand out: Leadership, teamwork, results. Lisa will deliver the results she says she will, brings a positive vibe to the team that is second to none, pushes the team and herself to always be the best.” - Henry Morita, CEO, Pure Azul Beverage Company

Paul exceeds in challenges whereas others are hesitant to even try. His coaching and mentorship drives all those around him to exceed standards.” - Dan Barry, GM, Chenega Management

Lisa is perhaps the most competent and wise business person that I have had the pleasure to work with in the non-profit sector. Her kindness, dedication, and strategic acumen make her a valuable asset to any business.”
- Bryan Frieders, Chief, Pasadena Fire Department; President, National Firefighter Cancer Support Network

Jon Gardner
Owner, JSG Insurance 

One of the most dynamic and charismatic leaders I had the privilege to work with - Paul excels at making people and organizations better!“ - Keith Blowe, President/CEO, BLW Solutions, LLC

As a nonprofit executive in the Glendale/Burbank area, I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa Raggio in a number of areas. Lisa has served on the Glendale Healthier Community Coalition and co-chaired with me an exciting collective impact campaign launch called ‘We Own the Health of Our Community’ in 2017. This effort, spear-headed by local hospitals, incorporated the collaboration of community leaders, organizations, individuals, schools, and businesses to address diabetes and healthier living. To date, our community continues activities toward this effort through the Glendale Healthier Community Coalition thanks to Lisa's initial push in introducing the collective impact model.” - Edna Karinski, CEO, Community Foundation of the Verdugos 

I've had the pleasure of attending two of Paul's trainings and working with him for two opportunities for young leaders and entrepreneurs to help empower them through times of crisis.  I serve on the National Team of JCI USA (United States Junior Chamber). Paul leads by example. He is open minded, he listens and his trainings are structured to meet the needs of the audience.” - Neil Fitzgerald, Metro and Extensions Director, JCI USA

Nickie DeTolve
Owner, The Growing Plantress

Lisa is noteworthy for her combination of organizational management and emotional intelligence abilities. She has the ability to insure an organization determines and lives by its mission statement and vision. Within the challenges and obstacles that always arise in an organization her ability to frame the challenge as a healthy means to 'grow' the staff and increase their effectiveness is notable.  I would heartily recommend Lisa to you in insuring your mission statement matches your ability to deliver your outcomes.”- Cliff Ishigaki, Board President, Wellness Works 

There is no one more qualified than Paul Raggio to coach emerging and stagnant businesses in the development and execution of a successful growth plan. He has been a long time mentor and coach of mine....and still is!”
- Tim Lamb, President, Chenega Corporation

Lisa’s leadership abilities really come to light as she has had to work with a diverse group of individuals. It is difficult not to over-emphasize the importance of this strength in a time which requires almost constant good communication and interpersonal relationships among various individuals and groups.” - Patti D’Orange Martin, Director, VRC, Pasadena City College