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Rebekah and Natalie will be raising awareness about the power women have to shape their future by shifting their mindset about the impact of effective communication. Whether you’re a business owner or in a corporate career, you’ll walk away understanding the tools needed to confidently advocate for yourself in any situation.

The Art of Persuasion and Negotiation covers the following:
  • Checking Your Mindset: Do you advocate for yourself?
  • Getting Paid What You’re Worth: Do you ask for what you want, so you get what you deserve?
  • (Almost) Everything Women Have Been Taught about Negotiation is Wrong (for us)
  • Great Expectations: Transform Unspoken Hopes Into Success on Your Terms

Register here! (All proceeds go to SCV’s Single Mother’s Outreach!) 

WeWil Collaborative Workshops 2020

SCV nonprofit leaders are invited to attend this informative meeting on Thursday, March 11th at noon to hear special guest speaker Lisa Raggio. Lisa will be sharing about why your nonprofit needs a 90-day plan to survive and then thrive!

Topics included:
- Creating and Funding a Vision for your nonprofit – why this is important as we prepare for a post-COVID19 reality.
- Creating and Maximizing your Nonprofit Growth Checklist
- Developing SMARTER (specific, measurable, attainable, results-oriented, time-framed, encouraging, and rewarding) Goals and Objectives
- Establishing KPIs (key performance indicators) to help increase your fundraisingJoin your SCV nonprofit leader peers to learn and share best practices and stay connected. This is a free virtual event. Register online at the link below