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One True North Leadership and Business Coaching Solutions is committed to helping business owners and organizational leaders find their way through our current COVID crisis.  We also recognize the many challenges this crisis may be causing you and your families.  
Our mission is to coach and mentor business owners and organizational leaders and their teams to achieve the highest quality products and services that are valuable, profitable, and sustainable, as well as make a positive social impact on the local community.
Especially during this time, that means consistently learning about what resources are helpful, impactful and necessary for you to LEAD, THINK, PLAN and ACT. The list below is refreshed regularly. We hope you find it helpful.  Stay safe, healthy and connected!

COVID 19 Resources

Every brand is now in the business of public service. If they are going to act responsibly and don't want their interruptions to be ignored and dismissed and ultimately damaging to their brand. All messaging needs to change. I don't want to buy a toothbrush from you, I want to learn how to look after my teeth when there are no dentists available. I don't want to buy a car, I want to know how to keep my car running. I don't want to buy a CD from my bank, I want to know how to do everything I can to save money. I don't want to know your grocery chain has a great new brand purpose, I want to know if you are open and how I now need to shop... repeat the above across hundreds of categories and you have plenty of work for marketers and agencies to be doing right now.

-Great thought found on LinkedIn

Opinion Articles during COVID-19 by One True North 

- Hope Is Not A Method
- Say Something, Not Just Anything!
- The Cream Always Rises to the Top
- The Choices You Make Define Your Character
- The Very Best and the Very Worst!
- Stay Above the Point! 
- We’re in a Marathon!
- Use Your Time Wisely!
- Time to Get Up

Ways to Think Our Way Forward thru COVID19 

Attributed to Gary Kopervas at 20NINE.com