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is to empower leaders and their teams with the virtues, behaviors and skills needed to find and live their One True North... their why, and their purpose to be, do, and have!


is to coach and mentor business owners and organizational leaders and their teams to achieve the highest quality products and services that are valuable, profitable, and sustainable, as well as make a positive social impact on the local community.


Following 26 years of service in the U.S. Army, COL (Ret) Paul Raggio served an additional 14 years as a business unit president in a billion-dollar corporation, leading it to tremendous growth and success. Today, he shares his business expertise by coaching and mentoring business owners and their employees on leadership, management, and teambuilding principles to achieve and sustain their business growth and profitability goals.

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When working with businesses, Paul focuses on the quality of leadership. He believes the character of a leader will establish the tone of the team. Instead of focusing on mechanisms or processes, Paul helps leadership find the best way to build, inspire and ignite their teams for success.


Lisa Raggio uses three standards to gauge an organization’s overall performance: employee engagement, customer/client satisfaction and cash flow. For over 20 years, Lisa has helped non-profit organizations, government entities, and private businesses as well as garnered expertise in executive management, business and program development, communications, community development, and grants and event management.

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Her ability to motivate and support people from all backgrounds and at all levels makes her an invaluable tool for business leadership. Lisa believes that if business leaders want to build their organizations, they need to build their people first.

At ONE TRUE NORTH, we offer leaders a comprehensive method for identifying their One True North, their unique “North Star”, to define their “why” and create their purpose, vision, and direction to build and grow their businesses and teams to THRIVE.

Paul & Lisa are a brother and sister duo who have the business acumen and tools needed to help business owners optimize their time, build better teams and increase their bottom-line.

In addition to years of leadership experience, Paul and Lisa are both certified and award-winning executive business coaches for ActionCOACH, the number one business coaching service in the world.

They are also hosts of the SCV Leadership and Business Solutions' podcast. You can find their podcast information here.

Our purpose is to...

• Provide a consulting, coaching, mentoring, and peer advisory service that benefits a cross sector of business owners, executives, and leaders in the Northern Los Angeles County

• Promote servant-leadership, ethical, value-based business processes, and a craving for growth and learning

• Help client business owners and organizational leaders succeed through their own dedication, commitment, and investment of time, resources, and energy.


Paul & Lisa coach and mentor business owners and organizational leaders and their teams to achieve the highest quality products and services that are valuable, profitable, and sustainable and that make a positive social impact on the local community.

By re-enforcing a business’ foundation with principles such as servant leadership, integrity, commitment and loyalty, Paul & Lisa are able to help you solve your top five business challenges:

  1. Sales & marketing
  2. Leadership & team building
  3. Financial analysis, budgeting & forecasting
  4. Systems development & management
  5. Short & long term planning

Businesses will benefit from the tested strategies of ActionCOACH and the business experience and passion of Paul & Lisa.

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Business Coaching is becoming a necessary service more and more in today’s uncertain business environment. Like having an accountant or legal representation, a business coach helps you meet goals, holds you accountable, identifies your blind spots and provides practical solutions for everyday challenges.

One-size-fits all training programs, and expensive consultants, no longer suit these unprecedented times, saving or scaling a business and/or technology needs. These times require a customized and personal approach.  We can help! With us as your Business ActionCOACHes by your side, we will help you and your business see real results.

One-on-One Coaches and Partners for Success

In accordance with ActionCOACH®’s proven business strategies, Paul and Lisa promise results within four months of coaching. Their business experience and style, coupled with ActionCOACH®’s methods and resources, make them an invaluable asset for any business, regardless of the field.

What You Can Expect from Coaching:
  • Trusted and committed advisors
  • Experienced leaders who have been there, done that, and will hold you accountable
  • Formally educated professionals and trained and certified coaches
  • A proven business model adopted by thousands of enterprises over the past twenty-six years that led to significant growth and profi tability
  • A pathway to growing your business into a profitable, commercial enterprise that works on its own
  • Responsive, year-round global resources
  • An extensive library on proven best business practices

One True North, Inc. is proud to have been recognized as a 2020 North American Regional Coach Conference Award Winner!  

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